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Marseilles, France

So one day in January the spirit of adventure took over me as it often does, and I decided to call my older sister Yoshan, who had just moved to Marseilles, France, with her photographer boyfriend who she met whilst designing raving clothing in New York (Check out her instagram:  ). We had a short conversation and she told me to come on down that weekend. I found flights pretty easily on Ryanair for around £35 for 4 days direct from Stansted Airport to Marseilles Airport and began packing my bag. At this moment I should give my first tip: Always check the weather of where you’re going before you pack!  Do not just assume that just because it is the south of France, they don’t experience winter like the rest of us Europeans. I unfortunately, did not do this and ended up packing one pair of jeans and my favourite thigh high suede boots, some shorts, and a handful of t-shirts. I realised my mistake when the cold air hit me as I walked out of the airport and my suede shoes were almost immediately soaked with rain water. So when going to Marseilles in January, remember to pack warmly. However this didnt pose a problem as I quickly found many markets in Marseilles’ city centre which sold beautiful jumpers for under
€ 10. 

I stayed with my sister here so unfortunately I’m not able to give much information about accommodation in this area, but has been a handy tool for me for finding accommodation all across the world. 

The pictures above were taken by the French Riviera, an amazing natural beauty at any time of the year, and best enjoyed with a glass of wine in hand. Above the Riviera are also hills which can be hiked to reveal small caves all along the hillside which people either brave climbing the small distances down, or use rock climbing gear to get down to. Families can often be seen in these small divets and caves having a picnic of cheese, baguettes and wine. Be warned, in January it can get pretty windy up there, but its definitely worth the hike. Check out the Tastebuds on Tour section to see find out where to get the best french burgers!