About TheCurlyHairedBackpacker

My name is Chyennye Smith (insta:@Cheylexii) and I’m a recently graduated masters student from London. I spend every spare moment I can travelling and more often than not you’ll find me with a snack in my hand. So I thought to myself “well… I love eating, and I love to travel!” So why not create something that combines my two loves? I’ve travelled all across the world before but when I began planning a trip to South East Asia carrying nothing but a backpack a thought that occurs to pretty much mixed race girl or girl with curly hair like mine came across my mind… what on earth am I going to do about my hair? Do they have products for my hair in the countries I’m going to? Should I put it in a protective hairstyle beforehand?? Well worry not, I have something for everyone on here. From Curly hair tips for travellers with unruly hair like mine, reviews and recommendations of some of the best food the world has to offer, and recommendations of countries and accommodations to try out and hilarious and weird stories collected from my travels. There’s plenty to keep you busy on here.

If you have any burning questions feel free to ask in the Ask me section or email me at Chyennye@yahoo.co.uk and I’ll try to get back to you ASAP.

Happy travels!

Your author: Chyennye Smith AKA TheCurlyHairedBackpacker (Insta:Cheylexii  https://www.instagram.com/cheylexii/?hl=en)