The BEST addition to my curly hair product collection

Over the years I’ve tried HUNDREDS of curly hair products and found some too thick, too thin, too drying, too wet, some that made my curls amazingly defined but gave it the texture of kettle chips! No-one likes a crispy curl! But a few weeks ago, it was 1am and I was scrolling through instagram, dying for some sleep but FOMO (for those not quite as trendy with the new lingo, FOMO is a Fear of Missing Out) was taking over, when I came across some curly hair tutorials on the discover page. I spend hours pouring over these videos and some I’ve found useful, others not as much because every curl type is different. But I came across one where the girl was using this funny blue bottle. Now, I tend to be quite wary of “white girl” curly hair products. I’m not trying to alienate anyone in my audience but we all know what I’m talking about. The boots and superdrug, John frieda, Lee stafford, Garnier attempts at creating products for curly hair which girls with hair like mine see and get super excited and shell out big bucks for “high end/well known” curly hair products finally made with us in mind. Except we quickly tend to realise that in fact, although it WAS made for curly hair, my texture in particular was definitely the one they thought it would be combating. So of course I was suspicious when I saw this rather nice looking blue bottle with the fancy writing, which is in fact the Organix Moroccan Curling Perfection defining cream. Depending on the store you buy it in, it can range from about £3.50 (Superdrug) to £9.99 (amazon). I bought mine on a whim after seeing the video when wandering through the aisles of boots for around £7.50. I was a little sceptical when i began my leave in conditioning process after washing and lightly drying my hair with a towel and squirted a hefty bit into my hand to scrunch through my hair.

The first thing that hit me was how silky the cream felt between my fingers, not too thick and not too thin, with a nice glide rather than a sticky texture (the glide is what you’re looking for). So I began to work it through my hair, section by section applying it from roots to ends while it was still damn and then left it to air dry. I usually use quite a few products after washing, but I decided just to use this product, mixed with a little argan oil (can be bought just about anywhere for about £1 and up). While I waited for my hair to dry I painted my nails, put on a face mask, cooked a bit of lunch… Just kidding, I sat and did all of our favourite activity: binge-watching netflix. An hour later my curls were partway dry and starting to get some of their volume and the results were INCREDIBLE. Never have I had a single product define my curls so well and leave them soft to the touch, whilst still bouncy and light. As I said before, I tend to use a few different products to gain my best results but this one blew me out of the water. I would give it an overall 9.5/10 and I’m usually quite critical of my products. The only reason I haven’t scored it a full 10 is because the bottle isn’t overly large and with hair as thick as mine, I tend to run through products pretty quickly. I use it almost daily now alongside my other usual products but its definitely become one of, if not my favourite products to use in my hair. 100% recommend!

CHB xx

4 thoughts on “The BEST addition to my curly hair product collection

  1. Hey there! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and say
    I truly enjoy reading through your blog posts. Can you recommend any other blogs/websites/forums that cover the same subjects?
    Thanks for your time!

    1. Definitely, CurlTalk does amazing stuff to do with curly hair and maintenance, and Traveller Pursuit is pretty good. I was actually inspired however by the fact that most blogs seemed to be pretty biased or catered to those who appeared to have unlimited money, so mine is different in the way that it caters to the average person and gives realistic reviews and experiences. If you find any others let me know, I’d be interested to see them!

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